Get ready with me👠

This post describes how I would typically get ready for a night out. It goes without saying that getting dolled up requires preparation, especially for us Irish gals.

First: Tan.

There are some things to remember before that tanning mitt touches your skin.

Shower, shave and moisturise the night before you go out. Moisturising your skin directly before tanning will only create a greasy layer between your skin and the tan, making it look all shiny and a lighter tone than you would want it. If you must shower and shave the same day, do, but stay clear of the moisturiser. When applying the tan, use a good tanning mitt. Penneys/Primark have some good ones for a low cost. Tie up your hair and wear shorts and a vest top to prevent tan getting on your clothes or lovely locks. Spray tan onto the mitt and apply! My favourite tan is Sally Hansen (medium).

Next, I like to do my hair. If I am curling my hair, this will allow time for the curls to loosen while I am doing my makeup. The last thing you want your hair to look like Shirley Temple as mine often turns out. Whether you are curling or straightening your hair, doing this at an early stage of the evening will allow your cheeks to cool down from all that steam. I recommend the Babyliss curling wand or Remington hair straightners. Remember to use heat protectant spray. Regularly applying heat to hair causes split ends and for it to become brittle.

After doing my hair I do my eyebrows. My favourite eyebrow kit is the Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit (brown). I use my Ecotools eyeshadow brush to fill in my brows. My brows are quite thick and I rarely get them done professionally. I personally think thicker brows suit my face. Do not apply too much brow products to your eyebrows. Very heavily filled in brows are not attractive, in my opinion.

Next, I do my eyeshadow. My favourite eye palettes are my Morphe 350 pallette, Benefit or the original Urban Decay Naked palette. My favourite eyeshadow tones are browns and olives. I do not have a very particular way about putting on eyeshadow, but for a night out I try to go for a smokey look. I like to use the Real Techniques base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush.

Next, I use pigment. To apply it, I first dab some Rimmel London Exaggerate undercover shadow primer on each eye. This acts as a glue to let the pigment stick. I then take the Real Techniques accent brush and dab it into the glitter. I use the brush to apply the glitter to each eyelid. I try not to apply too much. Sometimes just on the outer lid or sometimes all over depending on the look I am going for. It is a good idea to do pigment before foundation if you are using it, as the pigment dust falls onto your cheekbones it can be trickier to take off if there is foundation already on your cheeks.

Once eyebrows, eyeshadow and pigment are done, I do my eyeliner. I usually use Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner. If I am going on a night out I do a winged eye. This can be hard to get right sometimes. I recommend cotton buds with a small bit of moisturiser for cleaning up any messy eyeliner situations.

I then do my foundation. I use a darker foundation on a night out than I would on a regular day. I use the Real Techniques foundation brush to apply foundation. It is important to blend the foundation all the way down your next and around the sides of your neck. It can be very obvious if this is not done correctly. It seems like a simple observation. Check out your foundation in different lighting before heading out to see if you’ve applied it correctly.

After foundation is contour. It is important to do this properly. Do not apply contour too heavily on the cheekbones or it will look too dark. Apply contour to cheekbones and underneath the jaw. Use some highlighter on the cheeks just underneath the eyes but not too much. If you are using blush you want to apply contour, highlighter and blush in the correct areas. I recommend practicing contouring and highlighting as it can be tricky to get right.

…Almost there!

If you are happy with your hair apply hairspray to it. If not, give it another go with the hair curler or straightner. Be careful not to burn yourself and wear a heat protectant glove if you have one.

At this stage your tan, eyebrows, eyes, face and hair are complete!

Don’t forget to play your favourite tunes while getting ready and have some snacks and your favourite beverages at hand. 🎵🍿🍹


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