Let me take a selfie🤳

We are living a social media obsessed, narcissistic culture. Social media websites, gadgets and devices have never been more up to date. People have different opinions on selfies and how many selfies a person takes can vary from age to age. With phone cameras better than ever, resolution is sharper and colours are more defined. People thrive off validation from strangers, some to a greater extent than others, and begin to base their self-worth on how many ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ they have. Many people spend hours taking selfies, fixating on their looks or looking at themselves in the mirror, irrespective of age or gender- priorities, I guess. ‘ Don’t date a guy who takes more selfies than you do.’ Everybody laughed at the invention of the selfie-stick, however it is looking like it may be a useful invention after all. People have even died taking selfies from the most bizarre places. It is delusional. People become so self-absorbed and waste so looking at themselves and flexing. ‘Kim, stop taking pictures of yourself, your sisters going to jail.’ I’ll admit, <disclaimer>I was selfie queen on a night out when I was approx. 17 and was always delegated the role of taking the squad pic because of my ~amazing~ photography skills. 💋✌️ People of all ages take selfies. I have seen people who look over the age of sixty take selfies and I have seen children who look younger than four take selfies. As time goes on, the younger generation is becoming more addicted to their phones, social media and comparing themselves to others. Who knows how technology, issues with body image and mental health will be in decades to come.




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