How to prepare for an online job interview 💻

People from all over the world have had to work and study at home in recent months. Many job recruiters, companies and organisations have had to stop hiring people. Some, however, continue to hire people, despite uncertain circumstances and unprecedented times. Many people, including myself, have had job interiews via Skype, Zoom or other forms of online video chat. This blogpost outlines some tips that may be useful to help you prepare for an upcoming job interview that is due to take place via videocall.

  1. Dress the part: If, like me, you have been wearing tracksuit bottoms or pajamas for the last two months or so while #stayingathome, this isn’t the ideal attire for making a first impression for your potential manager or coworker. You don’t have to spend hours getting ready. Select a top, shirt or blouse the night before so you don’t have to stress about it on the day. According to research, certain colours work better for job interviews than others. Neutral colours> orange,pink, purple, green.. Wear something white/black/grey/brown/beige/cream (depending on your background). Don’t wear a white top if there is a white wall behind you, for example. Don’t wear anything too patterned either. Dress professionally, and don’t show too much skin.
  2. Makeup, hair, jewellry: Keep makeup to a minimum and looking natural. Don’t overdo it. You are not going to a nightclub, you are trying to make a good impression for your potential manager or colleague. You want to look professional. Brush your hair and keep it back from your face. You don’t have to tie it up, but it is very long and looks better tied up, do. Don’t wear jewellry that is very big or distracting. If you have a lot of piercings, keep these to a minimum and remove any facial piercings (these can be a real turnoff and many companies don’t even allow facial piercings).
  3. Lighting, background and setting: Set up your space so that the room is bright (but not too bright) and there is no clutter or distractions behind you. Sit near a window or natural lighting. Notice the wall behind where you are sitting; don’t sit where there is a lot of posters or pictures (or else remove them). Try to clear the space behind you as much as possible. Notify family members that you have an interview and ask them to keep noise to a minimum.
  4. Device: Apps can be downloaded on phones or laptop devices. A laptop would be more ideal than your phone, as the screen is bigger and there is less movement. Make sure your microphone and camera is working properly. Test these beforehand, giving yourself enough time, to make sure they are working correctly.
  5. Do your research. You don’t need to know everything about the company, but be prepared for a questions such as ‘What do you know about this company?’ or ‘Why would you like to work here?’ See my Questions you may be asked in an interview (and how to prepare for them) blogpost. Know approximately 5 facts about the company so you are not caught off guard. Don’t quote the website word for word though, or it will seem like you are just reading it directly from the screen.

Below is a picture of me a few minutes before an interview. The wall behind me is cream and the background is simple and plain (ft. my degree🤙). I am wearing a black top (pajama bottoms) and my hair is tied back. I am wearing some makeup, a simple chain and not a lot of accessories.

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