It’s Corona Time 🦠

Coronavirus. The talk of 2020. It may take the economy years to recover. Many businesses have had to close down and many have had to change the layout of their store, café or restaurant. Restrictions have meant that smaller cafés and restaurants have had to close or rearrange their seating areas. These changes will have a huge impact on staff and local customers. Many shops now have hand sanitiser at the door and a staff member standing there, telling you which way to walk in and walk out. There are now queues outside shops, with people waiting to enter ( Jays’ tis’ worse than Christmas). A lot of people have started wearing masks and disposable gloves. In the last couple of months, the world has gone through a massive societal change. It goes to show that nobody knows what the future holds. A global health pandemic, natural disaster or massive human rights campaign or protest could happen any time. I have not watched the news lately and I deleted my Facebook app. Every day for the past couple of weeks, the number of new cases and number of deaths have been announced. In the long run, seeing these numbers is meaningless, unless your researching Coronavirus vaccines or something. The time spent scrolling through Facebook and reading about Coronavirus could be spent learning a new hobby or reconnecting with friends and family members. See my blogpost Minding your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic 💆 This week, pubs, cafés, restaurants and salons are opening (salon tomorrow eep😍👏💅) The Coronavirus pandemic has brought on anxiety for some and the reopening of businesses and easing of restrictions won’t help that. People seem to be less worried about social distancing and there are concerns that the number of cases could rise again if people are not careful. The regulations that were put in place by governments all over the world definitely reduced numbers. Le Cúnamh Dé, things will be back to somewhat normal again and my family friends or myself won’t get ‘that aul China virus’. Stay safe and wash your hands 🚰

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