Rock Werchter🤘

This time two years ago, my best friend and I went to Rock Werchter (pronounced Vercher). Not many people know about this festival but it is one I would highly recommend. We went on the Sunday but if I were to go again I would go for the weekend🏕️ My friends brother had been there several times and goes every year but she had never been💃

Werchter is a small village in Belgium. A shuttle bus took us from Leuven and brought us to Werchter which was only 15 minutes away. So ideal! We spent the morning getting ready and prepping ourselves💅🎒🍋 We arrived around 12pm just in time for George Ezra (🤩). The weather was scorching ☀️ so we bought some coupons 🤙 which we required for beverages at a later stage🥤 and we were much excité 💯

At the festival, there were loads of great acts, including George Ezra, Post Malone, Sigrid, Kaleo, The Academic, Warbly Jets, Noel’s High Flying Birds 🎵 Arctic Monkeys were last to perform and there were fireworks. The whole day was amazing ⚡Festivals in Europe are much better than in Ireland 🎆 here was lots of other fun things to see there such as a bean bag area and ballpit. I would definitely go again🎵 By 12am we were covered in glitter and talking ráiméis to Flemish dudes.

I look forward to attending Rock Werchter again in the future 🤟🇧🇪

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  1. savageddt says:

    My first experience with a 3 day festival was last year, first time of my life. Also being able to work at the event and seeing my all time favorite band was so amazing. Our music tastes my differ, but it does not matter, memories do tho

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