Fashion is a form of self-expression

Fashion is art

Fashion is constantly changing

Fashion is always in fashion

There are many types of clothes and many different ways to style clothes. I find it interesting how style trends change throughout the year and throughout decades. Stores constantly update their clothes to match the seasons of the year and the latest fashion trends. The city I live in does not have many good clothes shops. There are much better stores in mainland Europe (another reason to move) with better quality and more stylish clothes. My style changes from time to time. I currently like styling pleated maxi skirts with knitted jumpers. I haven’t been getting dressed up to go many places lately however due to the C-19 lockdown. Plus, my wardrobe is in need of a clearout.

There are many careers in fashion, for example, as a fashion stylist, fashion designer or retail merchandiser. Project Runway and What Not To Wear are popular American Fashion TV shows. Xposé was a popular Irish TV show that aired for 12 years but unfortunately is not broadcasted anymore. I love The Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverwear, County Kildare (see link below). I have visited this museum twice and I look forward to visiting again soon. There are many fashion museums all over the world. I have visited the Bath Fashion Museum in the UK, a museum that holds a beautiful world-class collection of contemporary and historic dress. Ireland has many famous fashion designers and milliners, Paul Costelloe,Philip Treacy, Pauric Sweeney and Lainey Keogh to name a few. There are any entrepreneurs all over the country starting up their own fashion businesses.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them’

-Marc Jacobs

‘Fashions fade, Style is eternal’

-Yves Saint Laurent

‘I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.’

-Ralph Lauren

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