Honas- I Can Get You Out of This🥁

For Release 23rd October, 2020

Listen here:




Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/honas/id1506440911


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Dublin-based singer/ songwriter Honas is set to release a powerful indie/folk/pop tune, “I Can Get You Out of This.” With reverby guitars, ambient synths, and energetic drums, Honas creates a cinematic soundscape complete with a compelling vocal performance.

Honas says, “The song is about having a friend or loved one thats having a hard time mentally. It’s about standing on the outside, wishing you could help but not quite sure how. It’s about feeling helpless.

He goes on to say, “I started writing the song about five years ago, but then moved away from it. I had an experience in a similar vein that brought the song back into my head. As I started living it again, I completed the song in a new light.” 

Sonically, he says, “The hypnotic acoustic riff carries the whole way through the song. I wanted to create an atmosphere that conveyed the song’s meaning. I’ve always been drawn to ambient sounds, swells and evolving tones, to create something really immersive. We wanted an energetic, aggressive, chaotic drum sound, the result being a mix of programmed sounds and real drums.”

The song was recorded by Adam Redmond in Flaked Studios, where Adam helped sonically bring the song to life. The pair were inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Dermot Kennedy, and Ben Howard.

The Irish singer-songwriter combines honest, raw songwriting with an ambient sonic palette. He has written and produced with several artists, as well as being a key part of Irish indie-outfit Orchid Collective playing bass and songwriting. The band was the outlet for his music for many years, though he was still writing on his own. He ended up with a group of songs he was happy with, and came across producer Adam Redmond. In 2019 he turned his attention to his own debut album. His first three singles have amassed over 1.7 million streams on Spotify, landed on several Spotify editorial playlists, and gained acclaim from several major blogs and publications.

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