Wild Tibetan Monks- Cartoons🎸

Release date October 30th, 2020. Dublin, Ireland
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Three-piece Dublin-based indie-rock band Wild Tibetan Monks are set to release a reflective, guitar driven single, “Cartoons.” The song juxtaposes spacious, ambient verses with a full, defiant chorus’. The song creates a feeling of nostalgia, through wailing guitars and playing with tension and release. 

Frontman Sean says, “The song is about going through life doing all the things you feel you should have done, things people or society tell us to do. Then you get there, and you wonder if it’s what you really want, if it’s really what’s gonna make you happy. We also explore the pressures of modern life, the tension that builds and then becoming unstuck.” 

He goes on to say, “We wanted to create a feeling, not just through the lyrics, of longing to go back to a simpler time, of sitting with someone and watching cartoons.” 

The song was recorded in Rada Studios when the band was living in Perth, Australia.

Wild Tibetan Monks are Sean (bass, vocals), Ringo (guitar), and Liam (drums). They met and banded in college in 2011 and performed together for several years, playing covers as well as original material. In 2018 the band traded Dublin for Perth, Australia for a two-year journey of music and exploration. The band toured around Western Australia, and had a varied lineup over the years, including different singers and a horn section. They also began recording their original music. The global pandemic caused them to cancel the single launch for their debut release “Liam,” and forced the band to move back to Ireland. They are now focused on recording and releasing their original material.

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