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“JEJE” paying homage to her parents native country over a Romantic love song.    

HXNEY is an Irish raised artist who is a Nigerian descendant, with both parents from Nigeria. 

HXNEY decided to implement her native language (Yoruba) into her recent single to pay homage to the culture.

HXNEY who currently lives in the UK, travels to Dublin regularly for creative work and gatherings with friends and family.

HXNEY is a versatile artist and songwriter with the ability to tap into any genre “effortlessly”. She thrives however, in Modern Alternative RnB as opposed to the traditional RnB market. She is heavily influenced by Frank Ocean, due to his free thinking, along with the likes of James Fauntleroy, Lianne La Havas, Brandy, Jhené Aiko.

Fans and followers will notice that the sound of her music changes with every release due to her experimental nature, with her main strengths being her melodies, harmonies, tone, vocal range and arrangements. 


The song Jeje was inspired by a brief relationship that had progressed too quickly.

The song is a break up letter packaged with soothing vocals delivered on a chilled acoustic instrumental.

Hxney says ‘‘The song was written from a pure state of consciousness, where I let my emotions flow freely. Jeje took me about 10mins to write unlike my previous work, and soon became one of my favourite songs of mine. 

As we wrap up 2020 and as I start my new era  as an artist, I felt like it was only right to share this with my listeners in order to introduce them to a fresh approach from me and connect with me on a different level”

The meaning behind JEJE (Pronounced Jeh-Jeh)

Meaning: gentle Country of origin: Nigeria Language of origin: Yoruba

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