Elina Filice & Ikizov- Pumped Up Kicks Remix🎙️

Release date 13th January, 2021
Listen here:



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Dulbin- based producer Ikizov and Canadian singer/songwriter/rapper Elina Filice have teamed up for a fresh, electronic cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. 

Though re-imagined with a driving beat, synths, and electronic elements, as well as a creative top-line melody arrangement by Elina, the cover still captures the darkness and intensity of the song, originally written about a school shooter. 

The pair met through the music scene in Dublin, where Elina was based until the COVID pandemic encouraged her back to Canada. 

Ikizov is a Bulgarian producer/ DJ now based in Dublin. He started producing with Rap Beats, and then transitioned to electronic music after founding Vigilante Music, sharing music, DJ sets, and putting on electronic gigs. He is now working on official releases. 

Elina Filice is a Canadian singer/songwriter/rapper gaining attention for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. She spent three years in Dublin where she founded Red Vine Records. Her 2020 releases were met with critical acclaim by dozens of outlets as well as official Spotify playlists.


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