Ferg – Ode to Pain🎤

Released 20th September, 2021
Listen here:

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A song for those who have loved, lost and loved again. A song for those
who love hard; too hard for the modern world… Written as the first single of an experimental project entitled ‘The Girl Beneath the Ivy’ – ‘Ode to Pain’ portrays the vulnerability of love and how one will sacrifice themselves for it. A song of despair and anguish but underpinned by a constant hope of requited love.

Ferg explores the most vulnerable sides of the human experience
through vivid imagery, atmospheric acoustic tones and mellow but heartfelt vocals. Each lyric tells a story, some for sorrow and some for joy. The song moves within itself as the heart would – from fear, to pain and then to hope.

He writes not only for himself, but too for those who need to hear the most meaningful of messages and feel the hope within their hearts. Hope is the message.


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