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I recently (February 2021) started making Polymer Clay Earrings as a lockdown hobby and I love making them in my free time. I came across #polymerclayearring accounts on Instagram and liked how colourful they were so watched a few Youtube videos and decided to give it a go. Starting a new earrings account and making jewellery has opened my eyes to a whole community of creatives, artists and small businesses and I am so glad I began. To anyone thinking of starting a new page for their music, artwork, painting, crocheting, recipes or have a small business idea in mind.. I would say 1000% do! I look forward to making more and experimenting with new colours, shapes and patterns. ✨

Check out my earrings here
〰 Care Instructions 〰
  • Avoid wearing earrings when showering or in the water
  • Store at room temperature in a clean, dry place, preferably in their box/on their card or in an earring stand. Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid contact with perfume and chemicals
  • To clean earrings, uses a soft, damp cloth or cotton bud
  • Treat earrings with care
〰 Orders 〰
  • Contact me here or alternatively send me an Instagram DM
  • I accept payments via PayPal, Revolut and Bank Transfer
  • Earrings will be posted within 3 working days
  • 💌🥰

Polymer Clay is a durable, non-toxic, lightweight clay that is baked in the oven. I use Sculpey as it is easy to work with, bakes well and has lots of great reviews. Once baked, polymer clay is hard and surprisingly durable. Sculpey Clay is not vegan and contains ingredient(s) that are animal based. Sculpey products are not tested on animals. The earring posts and hooks I use are stainless steel – ideal for sensitive ears.

I hope you enjoy madewithlovebyjo♡ earrings as much as I loved making them 🙂

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DIY- Body Scrub🚿🛁

This body scrub can be used on your body, face or lips and is made with three simple ingredients. Sugar scrubs are great exfoliators as they help to remove dead skin cells, lift away dirt and excess oil as well as stimulating circulation. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. Coconut oil is moisturising and conditioning. Brown sugar is not abrasive and is an inexpensive ingredient.

How to use a body scrub

This body scrub is not difficult and leaves you feeling soft and smooth🍑

Shower: At the end of showering, lightly pat your skin with a towel, leaving a little moisture and apply the scrub in a circular motion to your entire body. When using a sugar scrub on your face, gently apply the sugar scrub in a circular motion. 🚿

Bath: To get the best results it helps to have a nice soak in the tub first, at least 20 minutes. This will help soften the outer layers of skin and make it easier to exfoliate. 🛁

Because of the oil, the shower or bath could be a bit slippery, so be careful.

Face: Apply to the skin in gentle circles and rinse the scrub with lukewarm water. 💆

Lips: 😋

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup base oil; coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, or olive oil 1 tablespoon
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • a few drops of your favourite essential oils, if desired. I used lavender oil.
  • spoons for mixing
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring spoons
  • sealed container

Add the brown sugar, white sugar and coconut oil to a mixing bowl and rub together using your hands. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and mix with a spoon.

Add the body scrub to a sealed container.

Get creative! You can personalise your container. These would make a cute gift for any time of year. 💕🧵🎁


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Last summer, I visited Estonia and was there for three nights. I had never been there before so it was hard to know what to expect. We went to Tallinn, the capital. Tallinn is very pretty and unique. There is a town with lots of crafts and markets, there is also the Old Town. The architecture is very pretty and bright. The city reminded me of Prague in a way. The weather was good for the four days and we did lots of walking and sightseeing. We considered going to Helsinki for a daytrip as it is only across the sea but we didn’t- maybe next time. Below are some highlights, check out my Instagram for more ⭐

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Kadriorg Palace
Baati Jamma Turg
Telliskvi Creative City
Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant

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Little Britain (TV series)- To Helsinki?