DIY- How to Wrap a (Gift) Box🎁

Christmas is coming, so I thought I would do a blogpost on gift-wrapping. This post describes how to wrap a box. These boxes can be filled with whatever you like. I bought the boxes in a shop, they were not expensive, and wrapped them with Christmas wrapping paper. You can also decorate these boxes using ribbons or Christmas labels. You can use crepe paper or clear wrapping paper to line your box if you wish. Fill your gift box(es) and place them under the Christmas tree🎄

You will need:
  • (Christmas) Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Empty carboard box
Place the lid on the paper and cut wrapping paper

Place the lid of the box faced down on your wrapping paper, leaving the paper attached to roll. Use scissors to cut paper along one side, making a wide enough sheet to cover both sides of the box. There should be an inch extra to fold over each side.

Fold the long sides up and over the lid

Tape the wrapping paper to the inside edge of the lid as pictured and repeat on the other side.

Repeat on all sides. Take the end sections and fold just like wrapping a regular box.

Repeat these steps with the box.
Cut wrapping paper

Place the box on the wrapping paper and cut the wrapping paper, making sure there is enough to cover each side of the box.

Fold the paper along the edges and tape to the sides of the box.

Repeat for all four sides.



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May update🌸

It is hard to believe it is the last day of May. The first month of summer gone! I have spent most of my days studying for my Masters exams. I have an exam next week and I am not too nervous for it.

I am happy with how my blog and instagram is going. In little over a month I have gained over 150 followers, which I think is amazing. I am learning strategies for how to boost my following and audience and I am having fun learning. My old profile has been deactivated for now. I enjoy having a new audience and posting what I like more consistently. When I am posting what I like and am being more consistent, it is easy to find supporters who enjoy your content, who have similar interests and similar timelines. The Instagram community is massive and it would be a shame to waste good talent🎨🥄📸 I have a book of ideas and notes on what I am learning along the way. I enjoy posting regularly as it allows me to think of any topic I want and write what I want about it for ten minutes or so, it is good for my imagination and creative thinking.☁️ I have never really been a journal girl or diary diva but I am growing to like blogging and being able to express opinions 📝 I look forward to the next few months and sharing more content💗

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