Craig Cooney&Emmet Glascott- Young Forever Remix💿

Release date 9th November, 2020
Listen here:


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Fresh off his latest release “Better Than This,” Irish rapper Craig Cooney has teamed up with Irish producer and DJ Emmet Glascott to remix one of Craig’s recent releases, “Young Forever.” The result is an energetic, hard hitting dance track with hip-hop vocals and a driving, deep house sound. 

Originally released in July, “Young Forever” was recorded in Windmill Lane Studios by engineer and producer Cormac Kavanagh.

The original song is a laid back, nostalgic track in which Craig reflects on childhood memories. He says, “I find a lot of people lose touch with their former selves and the memories that made us into who we are today. I wrote Young Forever about the best years of our lives when we were all carefree; I want people to press play on this song when they want to press pause on life and go on a trip down memory lane.”

Craig Cooney has been pursuing music professionally for the past three years and has multiple headline shows under his belt. His fifth ever show was in the Olympia Theatre supporting Gavin James. He has recently renewed his contract with Fluttertone and has multiple releases lined up. He is a unique artist who tells stories through his songs and has gained a popularity through his freestyling. His fan base grows stronger every day and he plans to continue changing the minds of people who think hip-hop is one dimensional. 

Emmet Glascott is a producer and DJ with an eclectic musical style and influences. His releases have garnered local and international radio play, press attention, and Spotify traction. His recent single “Sorry” went to #1 on the Irish Charts. He has been signed to the No: 1 Irish DJ John Gibbon’s label BLINDsided, as well as Louise Dacosta’s label Decosta Records and Dutch label Wolfrage Recordings.

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Jen Ella- Lipstick Queen🎸

For Release 7th November, 2020
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Cork-born and Glasgow-based musician/songwriter Jen Ella is set to release a new tune, ”Lipstick Queen.” Her new track is a story about hiding in your shadows, not accepting yourself and striving to be perfect in this world. This story speaks of personal experience and how in society we do consistently compare ourselves to others. The track takes you on a story of how the ‘Queen’ feels captured and once they recognise self-love for themselves they feel ‘free’. Jen Ella continues to embed her story- telling talents to promote things that everyone feels in a hope that we don’t feel alone in our thoughts. Jen Ella will be releasing music again in December and is aiming to release an EP in January. 


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0Stella- Fire💿

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0Stella [oh-Stella] is the project of Edmonton-based, Irish-Canadian artist Liz
Pomeroy. Reminiscent of Garbage, The Beaches and The Waterboys, ‘Fire’ is an
anthemic declaration of imperfection. Callistan has taken 0Stella’s alt-rock Irish
fusion and reimagined it as an infectious feel-good dance track.

Callistan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer. Previously of bands
Janey Mac, Fierce Mild and most recently ELM who showcased at Canadian Music
Week. The two Dubliners met in 2005 when 0Stella joined House Of Cosy Cushions,
Callistan’s first signing to his record label, SeaDog Records. This will be Callistan’s
first solo release under his new moniker.

On the artists’ long-standing friendship: “I managed to catch up with Callistan last
year when I was on tour in Ireland. I had just released the ‘LYLK’ EP and ‘Fire’ was
the stand-out track for him. We discovered a lot of similarities to our stories spanning
the decade since we’d last seen each other. This EP deals with some heavy
subjects, so it was really fun to reimagine this track with a lighter vibe.”

“I’ve always loved Callistan’s energy and outlook on the world. We’ve both struggled
with identity – he as a trans man and me as an Irish immigrant and dealing with
steroetypes of drinking that come along with that. I had difficulty detaching myself
from it. While ‘Fire’ touches on the darker side of substance abuse, Callistan’s
treatment gives that brazen song a sense of self-forgiveness that transforms it into a dance anthem.”

“As an Irish immigrant in Canada, I’ve often struggled to find my own identity. We can all feel
pressured to live up to a stereotype. ‘Fire’ is a brazen declaration of your own imperfections.
When Callistan and I reconnected and discovered so many similarities in our stories, it felt right to
reimagine ‘Fire’ in a lighter, more upbeat way. It takes courage to find out who you really are. The
process can be messy and ugly, so you might as well lighten up and have a dance”

“I love the origins of the song; a “declaration of imperfection”. Everyone has their own struggle with
that. As a Trans man, I’ve struggled silently for most of my life with that.
I try to remind myself constantly that imperfection is something that can be prized. It can be what
gives us empathy or keeps us human. In that sense, I feel that the reimagining of the song celebrates the imperfection we all feel and brings us a bit closer in doing so”


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Fly The Nest- Be Mine🎹

Release date 16th October 2020, Ireland/Denmark
Listen here:



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The song is a profession and promise of love, of looking back at how far you’ve come and also forward to the future.

Fly the Nest says, ““Be Mine” was a wedding present for my best mate. I wrote the song for his wedding and performed it at the reception. I also recorded it for them to make the gift something they could always look back on and remember the day.”

He goes on to say, “The song got an amazing reaction at the reception. I think a lot of people, and not just the newlyweds, could relate to the song: a profession and promise of love, of looking back at how far you’ve come but also forward to the future and growing old together. This made me decide to officially release the song.” 

The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Cabin Space Studios with Gavin Doyle. 

Dublin native Stephen Cooper started playing music at a young age, performing in various bands before starting solo project Fly the Nest, a name inspired by moving on from a previous musical journey and the adventures music has led him on. As well as writing and releasing his own music, Stephen also writes for sync, and says that writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of his creativity. Stephen now spends his time between Ireland and Denmark, and gigs regularly across Scandinavia.

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Crunchy Peanut Butter Date Bites Recipe

This recipe is by @naturalbornfeeder (Rozanna Purcell). These are really easy to make and are a sweet snack ☕

  • 16 medjool dates
  • 16 teaspoons peanut butter
  • 70g dark chocolate melted
  • Topping: 30g chopped hazelnuts or Sea Salt method

Make an incision lengthways in the date and remove the stone. Prepare a flat baking tray, line with some parchment paper (make sure tray fits in the fridge). To fill the dates, open the date and add the peanut butter, dip half in the melted chocolate, roll in the hazelnuts or add a sprinkle of sea salt on top and place on the tray. Place in the fridge until chocolate is set. Store in an airtight container so the dates don’t dry out.

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Blackout Tuesday⬛

I stand against racism, injustice and discrimination. I stand for equality, solidarity, inclusion and human rights. Every person has feelings and every person matters.

Today, social media platforms were flooded with the message ‘Blackout Tuesday’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ in light of the George Floyd case. It is the year 2020 and it is hurtful and frustrating to see such stories in the news. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


Comment below what your thoughts and opinions are on this subject💭


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May update🌸

It is hard to believe it is the last day of May. The first month of summer gone! I have spent most of my days studying for my Masters exams. I have an exam next week and I am not too nervous for it.

I am happy with how my blog and instagram is going. In little over a month I have gained over 150 followers, which I think is amazing. I am learning strategies for how to boost my following and audience and I am having fun learning. My old profile has been deactivated for now. I enjoy having a new audience and posting what I like more consistently. When I am posting what I like and am being more consistent, it is easy to find supporters who enjoy your content, who have similar interests and similar timelines. The Instagram community is massive and it would be a shame to waste good talent🎨🥄📸 I have a book of ideas and notes on what I am learning along the way. I enjoy posting regularly as it allows me to think of any topic I want and write what I want about it for ten minutes or so, it is good for my imagination and creative thinking.☁️ I have never really been a journal girl or diary diva but I am growing to like blogging and being able to express opinions 📝 I look forward to the next few months and sharing more content💗

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