Mark Duggan – Run Out the Distance🎸

Release date july 16th, 2021
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Mark Duggan is a singer-songwriter from Waterford, Ireland. From the age of nine years old he has been writing songs and playing guitar after borrowing his cousin’s guitar and learning some chords off of his father. At twelve he began recording his songs using an old USB headset microphone and has been producing his own music ever since. Over the years he has developed a sound which combines folk and indie with electronic elements, complete with clever lyricism and thoughtful songwriting. He is inspired by the writing of Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchel, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. He is also influenced by a number of artists known for their willingness to play with sound such as Gorillaz and U2. Over the years he has also learned to play mandolin, bass and harmonica along with gaining more experience in recording engineering and production. As well as writing for his own releases he has also co-written the song The Road on Irish artist Dunluvly’s first EP along with performing at gigs with Dunluvly and queer-pop band Babylamb where he has been able to maintain an audience’s absolute attention for quiet songs and have them dancing around and singing along by the end. 

In September of 2018 he released his debut single Hey Blue, a song with a catchy melody and riff on top of a bed of guitars and percussion. The lyrics are an optimistic look towards the first night of the weekend where the chance of romance is bubbling away. The song has an infectious character that has kept it consistent in live gig setlists. 

In June of 2019 he released an EP titled Long Way Home which was also his final year project in college. The EP consists of twelve songs that join together to create one cohesive twenty minute piece of music. The story follows a protagonist who is making his way home to his partner after being away working for an extended period of time and what occurs on the drive home with a focus on radio. The EP focuses on the theme of longing, bouncing between multiples genres, styles and tones all while maintaining its cohesive nature.

In February of 2020 he released the single As The Sun Hits The Day Down which is a simple acoustic track that takes its influences from the folk traditions of songs utilising multiple verses to tell the story within the song. A guitar riff and the hook of the title closing each verse provide the song with a momentum that carries the track to its final note.

Later that year he began the release of his next EP Just For The Night by releasing the single Promenade Firework Show. The indie-rock tune featured layered guitars, a retro drum machine, and a nostalgic, 80’s rock feel. The song took influence from a memory of summer nights spent by the sea as a teenage applied to the context of a couple who have hit a rocky moment in their relationship. The song uses a lot of pairings in its composition to mirror the pair of the couple. The use of a drum machine and Mark’s new telecaster sound was inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s home demos from 1983 and showed the first glimpse of the sound that would be essential to the EP.

At the start of 2021 the next single off the EP Lullaby (I’ll Be There) was released. The song once again made use of a drum loop with the base of a simple descending chord progression and layers of sound textures. The song is about someone trying to comfort their partner who is struggling to sleep. The narrator promises to be there for their partner even if they cannot necessarily makes things better. Both the emotions of the vocal and the intensity of the instrumental build towards a climatic slide guitar solo which fades away to a glistening sound which represents morning breaking through and a bit of hope prevailing.

The next month the rest of the EP was released with tracks Just For The Night, Not Sure, Truly Beautiful Thing and Desperation Blues added to the singles. Not Sure follows the singles by being built on a drum machine loop and making use of a telecaster sound while the other three songs are acoustic based tracks with the likes of harmonium, mandolin, tambourine and organ used to flesh out the instrumental. The EP as a whole has thematic link between songs focusing on the connections we make in life with each song having a specific moment of this on show. The EP has gone on to be Duggan’s most successful release so far with features in Irish music media from HotPress to 2Xfm and a much further reach in audience than any of his previous releases. 

On July 16th, he will release a new single Run Out The Distance which is being paired with the b-side Dried Up Lovesick Blues (Swings And Roundabouts). The new single is a return to the use of a live drum sound which was recorded in February of last year. The song has been rewritten for over a year before being committed to the final recording. The song began with the title and the simple chord progression on an acoustic guitar. The opening lines had initially been part of an alternate version of As The Sun Hits The Day Down while the rest of the lyrics came out of multiple drafts taking up nearly ten pages in Duggan’s notebook full of completely different ideas or single word changes in a line. The song is about a character who has reached a moment of stasis in their life. They are trying to take stock of their position in life with a thought to what has been, what is and what will hopefully be. The narrator is trying to find their space in the world where they can make a good life and despite coming up short so far there is a sense of pushing through until they get there. There is a hope in the song that isn’t willing to give in too soon. The song has a laid back rhythm as the live drums carry along  a collection of strumming acoustic guitars and a leaping bass line. The song had originally been intended to only have acoustic guitars but eventually electric guitars were added to give the song some more grit and punch. They also propel the song along and prevent it from becoming too lackadaisical. The harmonica sound that has been prominent in nearly all of Duggan’s career returns to fill instrumental sections of the song. The vocal performance matches the sentiment of the lyrics and the use of double tracking adds an extra reach to the chorus which builds to the emotional climax of the narrator committing to trying to keep moving forward and continue the search.

The b-side Dried Up Lovesick Blues (Swings And Roundabouts) is a simple blues song that builds over the course of three verses from a single electric guitar strumming gently to stomping bass drum and overdriven chords. The lyrics tell of a relationship that has fizzled out but not yet ended and is told with a resignation of the situation that fades away at the end of the song in a similar way to the relationship. 


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Dunluvly – Coats🎤

Release Date 15th July, 2021
Listen here:


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Song Artwork by Dunluvly

Dunluvly is set to release his second single of 2021 on the 14th of July. The exciting launch will be accompanied by the beginning of a monthly Newsletter and Website, following the successful sell-out of his first merch drop. Dunluvly is delivering us another road-trip anthem to accompany a summer made for staycations and sunset evenings with your closest friends. Here’s what Dunluvly had to say about the track;  

“In late 2020 I was left with a lot of nostalgia following months of living with friends. From camping to couch-surfing, we had a perfect tour of Ireland’s West Coast that conglomerated into a moment of reflection on Fanore Beach in Co. Clare. The simplicity of camping stayed with me as I returned to society’s busy influence as I realised things are often a lot more simple than we initially project them to be.”

Using this as our motto for the rest of the year, we’re beyond ready to see festival season led by the summery sound of Dunluvly.


Dunluvly – Hazey 🎤

Release date may 14th, 2021
listen here:


Artwork by Dunluvly

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Dublin-based singer/songwriter/producer Dunluvly is set to release a new single, “Hazey”. The track is a three year project that features layered guitars and contemporary bedroom-pop production. The wavy flanger fingerstyle guitar carries you into a trance-like state, that is complemented by a creative use of guitar delay effects.
This is the first single Dunluvly has released since his EP ‘Plethora’. The EP
caught features on Hot Press Magazine, The AU Review, The Thin Air and the IMRO newsletter in the wake of 2020. Dunluvly says, “I wrote this track about a state of distracted anxiety that I named ‘the haze’ at a young age. Through many years of being a bit of a hippie, I developed a
way to map the things that would lead me into this state of mind. This song is the story of that process”. He goes on to say, “This was probably the most delicate recording process I’ve ever encountered. I caught the sound in the original demo, but failed to recreate it for so long. That’s probably why this track took three years to complete.”
Dunluvly is a multi-instrumentalist and producer born and raised in Dublin,
Ireland. With roots in traditional Irish music and psychedelic indie, his sound is often described as a sonically rich experience.

Hazey is the perfect title for this song, using onomatopoeia, this song is relaxed and has a dreamlike, ethereal, misty feel. -Jo


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Viscose – Been There🎙️

Release date April 30th, 2021
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 Been There’ written and produced by Viscose is a fresh house-pop song that’s just in time for summer. Co-produced by Steve James, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Little Mix and Martin Garrix, the song sounds polished, slick and radio-ready. 

As an LGBT artist, Viscose wants to make his mark on pop music and remind listeners where house music originated from. The song is about liberation, acceptance and not being afraid to put your needs before others. Essentially a self-care anthem. This is only the beginning of what Viscose has planned for this year. 

Viscose is an up and coming electronic pop artist. Stemming from the tones of Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Rationale. Viscose’s sound is danceable and full of groove. He is studying songwriting in BIMM and has been producing and writing music since he was 11 years old. Viscose is on a mission to revive POP music in today’s music scene!

Been There is a fresh summer-anthem that is upbeat and rhythmic. Been There is about letting go , embracing who you are and acceptance – Jo


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Toby Charlesworth – To Say Goodbye🎤

Release date 26th March, 2021
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Toby is a 23 year old indie folk/pop songwriter from London.

About his new single, Toby says

“This song carries a lot of meaning for me. It asks the question “is there an easy way to say goodbye?” In short, the answer is no, there never really is. I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives has had to say goodbye. That could be saying goodbye to a lover or a friend or even your pet goldfish! What I mean is that no matter what the situation, it still carries personal meaning for each individual. In my case, the lyrics apply to losing a girl I loved, but also more importantly, to the loss of my best friend to suicide. I hope that this song can help anyone who has been in a tough circumstance, and to understand that the struggle is all just part of the healing process. I wrote the lyrics during Lockdown at a particularly low point with the help of one of my best friends. I contacted a couple of my other friends to help with adding a bass guitar, cello and drums into the track, and the song just developed from there. It definitely became a much more impactful song then I had expected, and although it may seem like a “sad song”, really the chorus conveys that sense of hope, “find your path and stay strong”. But that’s the best part about collaborating with musicians, each perspective adds more and more detail to the music. It’s like a piece of art you know, people say a painting is never truly finished, well it’s the same with music, there’s always a new angle or a new layer you can add to create a track, and only when you decide to stop tweaking the details then the final product is produced. The whole experience of creating the single has been great, and after a long time waiting, I’m excited for people to listen. This is my Debut Single, and I hope that people can really relate to it on a greater scale and find some sort of comfort and inspiration behind the lyrics.”

To Say Goodbye is a soothing, gentle song about love and loss. Toby and his friends came together to write the song when he was feeling down and it is a sign of great strength, love and camaraderie – Jo.


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Jen Ella – Eyes for you🎤

Release date 12th March, 2021
Listen here:


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Cork-born and Glasgow-based musician/songwriter Jen Ella has just released her new song, Eyes for you. Eyes for you is a song about recognising your self-worth, moving on and knowing what’s good for you. It is like a letter that Jen Ella decided to write to herself about self-development and see the good in your values after hard times.

Eyes for you is a soft and gentle song. Many of Jen’s songs focus on personal topics, growth and self-development. In Eyes For You, Jen’s beautiful voice is accompanied by a strumming acoustic guitar – Jo


Hybrazil Band – Orange Soles 🎸

Listen here:


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Hybrazil is a rock band with influences from pop, soul and funk based in the city of Galway, Ireland. Born in 2018, the band is formed by Irish vocalist Orla Coughlan and Brazilians Luan Lopes, on drums and Willians Maxwell on guitars.

In their most recent single “Orange Soles” the song portrays the difficult daily life of a person with serious health problems and lets the listener imagine and interpret each scene of this song as if it were a book. All of this accompanied by an instrumental emotional and melodic basis.

Orange Soles combines soulful and emotive vocals with well-crafted electronic instrumentation. Hybrazil Band have a cool music style that is distinctive, rhythmic and quirky- Jo


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LO is available for interviews, email

Berlin-Based producer and songwriter LO returns this January with the first track from his brand
new album, showcasing a shift in direction for the enigmatic and versatile artist. Since emerging
onto the scene in the early 2000’s, he’s gone on to build a fanbase worldwide for his unique
approach to electronic music. His sound draws on the influences of his upbringing, leaning on elements of Bass Music, Future Garage and ambient. His blend of styles has led to over 14
Million Streams on Spotify worldwide.
In the last few years, LO has not only showcased his undeniable musical talent but also his
prolific ability to create and his unfathomable work ethic. Since 2015, he’s released on labels
such as Cascade Records, Mixmash, Loveless Records and Majestic Casual. His music has
also led to support from some of the biggest curators in the scene including The Sound You
Need, Eton Messy, The Vibe Guide and DYNMK.
The new single ‘Blu’ signals a new direction for the electronic producer, for the first time
incorporating his own vocals into his productions. It’s a low-tempo journey through warm
analogue synths and electronic percussion, rich in emotion and a vulnerability that’s a new
element of the Berlin producers repertoire.
“Love is a strange thing and break ups are even stranger. BLU talks about this feeling of
someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The
universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “

I like LO’s vibe and style, his music is very chilled and atmospheric. BLU is about having thoughts and feelings about someone long after they have left. BLU has a slow, pulsating rhythm that is analogous to the recurring thoughts and feelings of the singer. The cover art well portrays the song’s ambience – Jo.


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Fly The Nest- Old Street Lover🎸

Release date 12th February 2021
Listen here:



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Singer/ songwriter Fly the Nest is set to release a cinematic new single, “Old Street Lover.” The song features a driving beat, wailing guitars, and Fly the Nests’ signature wide, cinematic soundscape. Rhythmic guitars and Fly the Nest’s powerful vocals carry the fierce, energetic song. 

Fly the Nest says, “This song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

The verses of the song tell the story of the day that it all comes to an end. They outline hard conversations that are had and looking back on shared memories. The narrator knows that they have to let it go. The uplifting chorus expresses hope that the other person finds happiness, comfort, and satisfaction with what they decide to do. 

Though you’re parting ways, you still see so much potential in the other person, heard in the lines, “you’ve got it!” And though you’ll miss them, you genuinely still believe in them and their dreams. Maybe you’ll even find your way back to each other one day. 

The song was produced and recorded by Peter Doherty in Tyrone, NI. 

Dublin native Fly the Nest (Stephen Cooper) started playing music at a young age, performing in various bands before starting solo project Fly the Nest, a name inspired by the many adventures music has led him on. As well as writing and releasing his own music, Stephen also writes for sync, and says that writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of his creativity. Stephen now spends his time between Ireland and Denmark, and gigs regularly across Scandinavia. 2021 is proving to be another big year for Stephen, who is known for wide, cinematic songs and precise songwriting.

Old Street Lover is a fresh, rhythmic, modern track. It is a song about times gone by, growing apart and looking to the future with hope. I think the album artwork for Old Street Lover is cool and original- Jo.

In association with Fluttertone


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Sasha Sky- Doubts🎹

Listen here:

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Sasha Sky 21 years of age. She was born and raised in North East of England and in 2019 relocated to London to pursue her career in performing.
Sasha is very passionate about both dancing and music, and always has been. She attended college at New College Durham for 4 years. Following that, she took a 2 year Acting BTEC course as well as a 2 year Music BTEC course. Sasha says both these courses 100% helped her get to where she is today. Prior to college, Sasha admits she had quite low self-esteem and next to no confidence, she was also suffering with OCD, Anxiety and Depression, while not actually knowing or understanding. Her song “Doubts” is written about that experience.

About her new single:

“Doubts” is quite a powerful song for me personally. This track is probably one of the most raw, honest and authentic songs I’ve written when it comes to my mental health. But I also like that the lyrics are kind of subtle in some ways, so that the listen can interpret the lyrics in their own way and maybe make it meaningful for themselves and their current experience.

When I first heard Doubts I was amazed. Gentle piano intervals and chords are played throughout the whole piece that are accompanied by string instruments from the middle of the song. Sasha’s voice is soft and beautiful as the lyrics describe a personal mental health journey – Jo


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