Viscose – Been There🎙️

Release date April 30th, 2021
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 Been There’ written and produced by Viscose is a fresh house-pop song that’s just in time for summer. Co-produced by Steve James, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Little Mix and Martin Garrix, the song sounds polished, slick and radio-ready. 

As an LGBT artist, Viscose wants to make his mark on pop music and remind listeners where house music originated from. The song is about liberation, acceptance and not being afraid to put your needs before others. Essentially a self-care anthem. This is only the beginning of what Viscose has planned for this year. 

Viscose is an up and coming electronic pop artist. Stemming from the tones of Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Rationale. Viscose’s sound is danceable and full of groove. He is studying songwriting in BIMM and has been producing and writing music since he was 11 years old. Viscose is on a mission to revive POP music in today’s music scene!


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Pastiche- Chasing Down The Fame🥁

Release date 20th November, 2020
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Dublin-based singer/songwriter Pastiche is set to release her debut single, “Chasing Down the Fame” on November 20th.

The explosive electro-pop song features driving synths, energetic drums, and powerful vocals from Pastiche. The engaging production and layered vocals create a dynamic track that establishes Pastiche as a force to be reckoned with in the Dublin pop scene. 

About the song, Pastiche says, “The song addresses the idea of achieving fame as a subjective journey; it almost never looks the same. I also think there’s a difference between fame and significance. Fame is usually an accident, but you can claim your own significance. I think this track is me doing that: showcasing my sound and trying to prove myself.”

She goes on to say, “I wanted to address not only where I hope to go but also where I came from. The line “I’ll show them what they made of me” is about all the rejections and “no’s” that have led me to where I am, developing thick skin, and needing to rely on my own self-belief.” 

On the Irish pop scene, Pastiche says, “Pop in Ireland always seems to be imported. There’s very few successful female Irish pop artists. The scene isn’t here – so we have to create it. Radio stations are playing Dua Lipa every five minutes- so why can’t we have Irish pop instead? I want to help break that barrier.” 

Though Pastiche performs with a live band, this track was completed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic with producer Fergal Mullen (Jupiter Parks). The vocals were tracked at Beardfire Music. 

Pastiche’s sound combines dark pop, electronic pop, a rebellious club kid sound, and theatrical influences. She started stage school and musical theatre at a young age, and performed all over Ireland. Her love for music developed in school, and she studied vocals at BIMM Dublin, where she spent four years learning about the industry and honing her craft. She has already received attention for her writing ability, receiving the runner up prize in the Hotpress Now We’re Talking songwriting competition 2019. She is now in the process of recording and releasing her original music.

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0Stella- Fire💿

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0Stella [oh-Stella] is the project of Edmonton-based, Irish-Canadian artist Liz
Pomeroy. Reminiscent of Garbage, The Beaches and The Waterboys, ‘Fire’ is an
anthemic declaration of imperfection. Callistan has taken 0Stella’s alt-rock Irish
fusion and reimagined it as an infectious feel-good dance track.

Callistan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer. Previously of bands
Janey Mac, Fierce Mild and most recently ELM who showcased at Canadian Music
Week. The two Dubliners met in 2005 when 0Stella joined House Of Cosy Cushions,
Callistan’s first signing to his record label, SeaDog Records. This will be Callistan’s
first solo release under his new moniker.

On the artists’ long-standing friendship: “I managed to catch up with Callistan last
year when I was on tour in Ireland. I had just released the ‘LYLK’ EP and ‘Fire’ was
the stand-out track for him. We discovered a lot of similarities to our stories spanning
the decade since we’d last seen each other. This EP deals with some heavy
subjects, so it was really fun to reimagine this track with a lighter vibe.”

“I’ve always loved Callistan’s energy and outlook on the world. We’ve both struggled
with identity – he as a trans man and me as an Irish immigrant and dealing with
steroetypes of drinking that come along with that. I had difficulty detaching myself
from it. While ‘Fire’ touches on the darker side of substance abuse, Callistan’s
treatment gives that brazen song a sense of self-forgiveness that transforms it into a dance anthem.”

“As an Irish immigrant in Canada, I’ve often struggled to find my own identity. We can all feel
pressured to live up to a stereotype. ‘Fire’ is a brazen declaration of your own imperfections.
When Callistan and I reconnected and discovered so many similarities in our stories, it felt right to
reimagine ‘Fire’ in a lighter, more upbeat way. It takes courage to find out who you really are. The
process can be messy and ugly, so you might as well lighten up and have a dance”

“I love the origins of the song; a “declaration of imperfection”. Everyone has their own struggle with
that. As a Trans man, I’ve struggled silently for most of my life with that.
I try to remind myself constantly that imperfection is something that can be prized. It can be what
gives us empathy or keeps us human. In that sense, I feel that the reimagining of the song celebrates the imperfection we all feel and brings us a bit closer in doing so”


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Rachel Grace- Cry Me an Ocean🎸

For Release 30th October, 2020
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Rachel Grace’s latest single ‘Cry Me An Ocean’ the first release of new music since the release of her debut EP ‘Routes’ in 2018. Recorded live with a band in Orphan Studios, ‘Cry Me An Ocean’ is a fusion of pop and soul with nostalgic 80’s sitcom vibes.

This song is about that one person you know that just takes instead of gives, I’m sure we’ve all encountered one or two of these people in our lives! 

Rachel Grace is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from Wexford town. The young singer has most recently been crowned the winner of Four Star Nation Pizza’s Star Nation Competition in which she has won a slot to play the coveted Ruby Sessions and a day of recording in the infamous Windmill Lane Recording Studios. 


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