Hybrazil Band – Orange Soles 🎸

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Hybrazil is a rock band with influences from pop, soul and funk based in the city of Galway, Ireland. Born in 2018, the band is formed by Irish vocalist Orla Coughlan and Brazilians Luan Lopes, on drums and Willians Maxwell on guitars.

In their most recent single “Orange Soles” the song portrays the difficult daily life of a person with serious health problems and lets the listener imagine and interpret each scene of this song as if it were a book. All of this accompanied by an instrumental emotional and melodic basis.

Orange Soles combines soulful and emotive vocals with well-crafted electronic instrumentation. Hybrazil Band have a cool music style that is distinctive, rhythmic and quirky- Jo


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Point Taken- Lullaby For Leeches🎸

Release date 24th February 2021
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Point Taken are a three piece Alt/Indie band from Limerick, Ireland. Jared Nadin (Vocals/Bass) Jacob Woulfe (Guitar/Bass) and Evan Berry (Drums) have been making music since 2019. Their debut EP “The Static Windup” was released in March 2020 just as the Pandemic arrived in Ireland.
They spent the following lockdowns developing a heavier tone as well as writing, recording, and
mixing their next project, due for release in 2021. Influences include Frank Carter, Silversun Pickups, and Dance Gavin Dance.

Their upcoming single “Lullaby for Leeches” marks the beginning of this heavier sound while trying to express the bands frustration towards the pandemic in Ireland and the impact it has had on the live events industry.

Lullaby for Leeches combines heavy rock instrumentation with expressive vocals. The song ends with an angry, frustrated tone and sounds quite dramatic – Jo.


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Davie Furey- Haunted Streets🎤

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Davie Furey’s new album, Haunted Streets, features some of Ireland’s top musicians including, Steve Wickham (The Waterboys), Darren Holden (The High Kings), ELLYD, Susan O’Neill (SON), Clare Sands, Robbie Campion, Martin Quinn, Andrew Quinn and Francie Conway.
Of the 11 new tracks on the album, Secret Light, Flames on the River, Fire n’Gold and The Final Frontier have all reached number one as singles on the Irish Singer/Songwriter and Rock download charts.

These singles have also been on the RTÉ Radio 1 Recommend List as well as being PLAYIRISH Song of the Week on many regional stations including KCLR FM and Ocean FM. Haunted Streets sees Davie Furey at the peak of his storytelling powers, writing from the heart and connecting with music fans around the world. The emotive power of Davie’s lyrics and his stellar cast of musicians shines through each of the tracks on Haunted Streets. From the Springsteen-esque, Trump-damning Flames on the River to the emotional sucker punch of Who Am I and the anthemic Fire n’Gold, they show Davie Furey as an artist who has a poetic gift for storytelling and a skill for melody which puts him at the very top of his game.
Songs from the album were previewed on his 15 date Irish Tour in 2019. Plans for an Ireland, UK, German and US 2020 Tour had to be shelved due COVID 19 restrictions but rescheduling of these dates is currently underway.

This new album is spectacular. This album is soft, melodic, rhythmic. It has a narrative style and is easy to listen to. The album artowrk is unsual and eye-catching – Jo.


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LO is available for interviews, email aidan@differentsauce.co.uk

Berlin-Based producer and songwriter LO returns this January with the first track from his brand
new album, showcasing a shift in direction for the enigmatic and versatile artist. Since emerging
onto the scene in the early 2000’s, he’s gone on to build a fanbase worldwide for his unique
approach to electronic music. His sound draws on the influences of his upbringing, leaning on elements of Bass Music, Future Garage and ambient. His blend of styles has led to over 14
Million Streams on Spotify worldwide.
In the last few years, LO has not only showcased his undeniable musical talent but also his
prolific ability to create and his unfathomable work ethic. Since 2015, he’s released on labels
such as Cascade Records, Mixmash, Loveless Records and Majestic Casual. His music has
also led to support from some of the biggest curators in the scene including The Sound You
Need, Eton Messy, The Vibe Guide and DYNMK.
The new single ‘Blu’ signals a new direction for the electronic producer, for the first time
incorporating his own vocals into his productions. It’s a low-tempo journey through warm
analogue synths and electronic percussion, rich in emotion and a vulnerability that’s a new
element of the Berlin producers repertoire.
“Love is a strange thing and break ups are even stranger. BLU talks about this feeling of
someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The
universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “

I like LO’s vibe and style, his music is very chilled and atmospheric. BLU is about having thoughts and feelings about someone long after they have left. BLU has a slow, pulsating rhythm that is analogous to the recurring thoughts and feelings of the singer. The cover art well portrays the song’s ambience – Jo.


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Fly The Nest- Old Street Lover🎸

Release date 12th February 2021
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Singer/ songwriter Fly the Nest is set to release a cinematic new single, “Old Street Lover.” The song features a driving beat, wailing guitars, and Fly the Nests’ signature wide, cinematic soundscape. Rhythmic guitars and Fly the Nest’s powerful vocals carry the fierce, energetic song. 

Fly the Nest says, “This song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

The verses of the song tell the story of the day that it all comes to an end. They outline hard conversations that are had and looking back on shared memories. The narrator knows that they have to let it go. The uplifting chorus expresses hope that the other person finds happiness, comfort, and satisfaction with what they decide to do. 

Though you’re parting ways, you still see so much potential in the other person, heard in the lines, “you’ve got it!” And though you’ll miss them, you genuinely still believe in them and their dreams. Maybe you’ll even find your way back to each other one day. 

The song was produced and recorded by Peter Doherty in Tyrone, NI. 

Dublin native Fly the Nest (Stephen Cooper) started playing music at a young age, performing in various bands before starting solo project Fly the Nest, a name inspired by the many adventures music has led him on. As well as writing and releasing his own music, Stephen also writes for sync, and says that writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of his creativity. Stephen now spends his time between Ireland and Denmark, and gigs regularly across Scandinavia. 2021 is proving to be another big year for Stephen, who is known for wide, cinematic songs and precise songwriting.

Old Street Lover is a fresh, rhythmic, modern track. It is a song about times gone by, growing apart and looking to the future with hope. I think the album artwork for Old Street Lover is cool and original- Jo.

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Sasha Sky- Doubts🎹

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Sasha Sky 21 years of age. She was born and raised in North East of England and in 2019 relocated to London to pursue her career in performing.
Sasha is very passionate about both dancing and music, and always has been. She attended college at New College Durham for 4 years. Following that, she took a 2 year Acting BTEC course as well as a 2 year Music BTEC course. Sasha says both these courses 100% helped her get to where she is today. Prior to college, Sasha admits she had quite low self-esteem and next to no confidence, she was also suffering with OCD, Anxiety and Depression, while not actually knowing or understanding. Her song “Doubts” is written about that experience.

About her new single:

“Doubts” is quite a powerful song for me personally. This track is probably one of the most raw, honest and authentic songs I’ve written when it comes to my mental health. But I also like that the lyrics are kind of subtle in some ways, so that the listen can interpret the lyrics in their own way and maybe make it meaningful for themselves and their current experience.

When I first heard Doubts I was amazed. Gentle piano intervals and chords are played throughout the whole piece that are accompanied by string instruments from the middle of the song. Sasha’s voice is soft and beautiful as the lyrics describe a personal mental health journey – Jo


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MASK- Get On Your Knees🎸

Release date 8th February 2021
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Belfast Blues Rockers MASK are kicking the doors in and raising the decibels with their new
single ‘Get On Your Knees’. Made up of ingredients of Martin Luther King, blistering drums, and
throttling fuzz guitars – this ferocious track is bound to be a contender for rock-stomper of the year.

Having suffered a loss in Belfast late last year, MASK leader H Humphrey decided to escape
civilisation and left for Peru. Feeling enlightened on his return, he approached producer Michael
Mormecha and asked if he could come in and make a new MASK record. Though his new
studio, Tree Song Studios, wasn’t finished and was little more than a building site, having learned
of H’s loss, he agreed and they set to work! ‘Get On Your Knees’, has an utterly unique feel as a
result, literally hanging microphones across wooden planks and makeshift ceilings, capturing a
sense of unequivocal power and rawness!

Leaning heavily on their blues-retro-rock tendencies, the new single is instantly comparable to the early sound of The Black Keys and The White Stripes to the more millennial-glam-rock feel of
stadium-act MUSE.

According to MASK, ‘Get On Your Knees’ is about awakening the beast that lies in all of us and
embracing our inner Viking!”

The rock duo are led by H Humphrey (guitar/vocals -from Belfast) along with lifelong
friend, Craig Coppock (guitar/vocals from Liverpool), combining to make up a band who are the
antithesis of your typical rock stars – they describe themselves as unapologetically un-cool BUT
always manage to release exciting music that breaks the mould of the everyday indie band.

Get On Your Knees begins with an unexpected voiceover followed by rhythmic electric guitars and wild instrumentation. The lyrics and tone of the song is quite harsh and aggressive. The music video to be released on Thursday is quite graphic and well choreographed. MASK really is a rock band like no other – Jo.


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Sam Wickens- Murky Waters🥁

Release date 5th February 2021
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NI Music Prize Nominee Sam Wickens is releasing his new single ‘Murky Waters’ on the same date as his ‘Watson’ EP, both due 5th February 2021.   This marks the second single release from that forthcoming EP. 

The first single ‘Strange.24’ was released on 24th November 2020 to much critical acclaim.

The 5 track ‘Watson EP’ is the second major release since his critically acclaimed debut ‘All I’ve Seen’ album in 2019.  

‘Murky Waters’ sees Wickens progress once more as the “songwriting juggernaut” he has already proven himself to be. Combining slick production with raw feeling and that gorgeous vocal, ‘Murky Waters’ showcases Sam’s vocal prowess and his ability to suck the listener into his musical universe.

Compared to Jeff Buckley, John Martyn, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Waits, Sam is a soulful writer and performer with a restless creativity, conveying a personal blend of Electronic, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Indie. This young and gifted artist humbly plies his craft with a focused sincerity, and has created a style of his own: consistently delivering on his reputation as a bewitching live performer.

In 2017 Sam worked with David Bowies legendary American record producer Tony Visconti (producer of scores of albums by major artists including: David Bowie, T.Rex, Paul McCartney, Damon Albarn, Moody Blues, Marc Almond, Kaiser Chiefs, etc) as a featured artist on a Sky Arts documentary about Tony’s amazing life and career ‘Tony Visconti’s Unsigned Heroes’.

About his new single: 

“Murky Waters is the realisation that I was raised and put through terrible circumstances. Constantly feeling alone through every obstacle that was placed in front of me. Traumatic events seemed to follow me no matter where I ran, I started to believe that I was some sort of gatekeeper, that my purpose was to absorb the terrible things so others didn’t need too.”

Sam will also be playing his first live show since 27th February 2020 with Singular Artists in The Workmans Club in Dublin on the 1st of April, 2021. Tickets are €14 (+ €1 booking fee) and can be purchased here:


Sam’s music is personal and reflective. About Murky Waters, he expresses how he has often felt alone throughout his life. Sam’s music videos are well thought-out and articulated – Jo.


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Hot Juice- Second Wave🎸

Release date 4th February 2021
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‘Second Wave’ was written while frontman Shay had COVID-19. Inspired by the event, ‘Second Wave‘ was and produced and recorded during lockdown.

Rock duo Hot Juice consisting of Shay Barker (guitar/vox), Harvey Dellar Crone (drums) have been branding their sound on Jerseys rear end with a summer of loud gigs and new tracks. Recent headliners of the Made In Jersey stage at Weekender festival as well as BBC Music Introducing’s track of the week with their latest single ‘Small Town Blues’, these boys are guaranteed to get you up and throwing yourself about to their in-your-face beats and heavy riffs.

Released Debut album ‘This Is What You Want’ with the BBC Intro CI dedication a show as a album launch party playing the whole album with the band talking through each song.

“Hot Juice are a band that bring huge energy when they perform live. On top of that, their powerful sound translates into the recording studio and their debut album “This Is What You Want” is an absolute smash. They make it very easy for me to support them through BBC Music Introducing and as if that wasn’t enough – they are really sound guys as well.” Tim Hunter, BBC Music Introducing in the Channel Islands.

This song is electric, wild and high-energy. It sounds similar to their latest release ‘What You Gunna Do Now?’. If your lockdown life needs an injection of energy, this song is sure to make you come alive – Jo


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Dirty Mike- Campus Queen🎸


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Dirty Mike are an indie alt rock/punk trio from Glasgow Scotland and have recently released “Campus Queen”. It is a catchy indie rock/pop punk anthem reminiscing on a fun tale of a night when first coming of age and going out in Glasgow. Depicting the highs and excitement of the evening laced with the feeling of regret the morning after. A song much needed to remind us of better times while a lot of clubs have been shut for almost a year now in the UK.

Campus Queen is energetic with fiery, explosive instrumentation that would make a crowd come alive. Dirty Mike are a talented trio with a bright music career ahead of them – Jo.


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