Nathan Mac – Deirdre of the sorrows🎹

Release date: 4th October 2021
Listen here:


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Further Press Information: Email: ,Name: Joni Copeland (manager)

Nathan Mac carries on his Irish Folklore Tradition witih cinematic-pop! His latest edition to the ‘Start of Something Blue’ is the great tragedy:Deirdre of the Sorrows

“A heartbreaking story of a young woman whose life is ruined by a terrible king… driven to the extreme of suicide.”

Nathan Mac grew up travelling through the Irish countryside with his family. He lived the stories of Fionn, Medb, & Cu Chulainn, visiting the most famous sites in Irish literature. This personal history combined with his time working as a storyteller for the National Leprechaun Museum, has set Nathan up with an intimate relationship to Irish myth & legend. His favourite story? ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ of course.

The tradition of Irish storytelling, blended with Nathan’s contemporary cinematic-pop has created a new link between the past & the present. ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ has been given new life & in Nathan’s own words:

“At the very least, if the song does anything, I’d hope it makes people curious about our stories.”

With five more tracks left to be released, & a circus-musical film on the horizon, Nathan Mac has almost no time to lose. With Joni Copeland, Brian Dwyer, Digietal , Chiara Viale, & Heather Kelly by his side, the Pennywish record label is quickly becoming a force in its own right.

If you’d like to support Nathan & the team in their ambitious dream, then head over to Nathan’s Patreon, their ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign, or simply follow, share, & enjoy the music!


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Amy Ellen – Only you will know🎤

Release date 29th September 2021
listen here: Spotify

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Amy Ellen’s eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Only You Will Know’ is set to release on the 29th of September. It is a compilation of Ellen’s previous singles plus a bonus title track.

Quote from Amy on making the EP:
It was my first experience recording with a band, way back in 2019! I was equally excited as I was nervous about releasing music for the first time! Although I feel I have grown a lot as a songwriter since the recording, I am so proud of the work we put in and the result that came from it. 

These songs represent a time in my life when I was finding my sound as an artist. I believed each track deserved attention, it made sense to release them as singles as I wanted to give them an extra push before releasing them as the EP. 

The bonus track ‘Only You Will Know’ ended up as a fitting title for the EP. There is a recurring lyrical theme across the songs which is that no one knows how it feels to be you, so that just felt right to me.”

Blending influences from Kurt Vile and Mazzy Star, the bonus track sums up the sound of Amy’s previous singles, reflecting her folk roots and her musical influences.

It was so exciting to see the parts come together’’ says Amy, “the instrumentation became the driving force and we naturally wanted to keep the vibe of the song going. That explains the length of the track!”

Amy Ellen’s singles have been featured in RTÉ and Hot Press, as well as Golden Plec’s artist interview series Hi, have you met…’ during her campaign for  ‘This Life’ released earlier this year.  


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Colm Gavin – The 1992 Tapes🎹

Release date: August 13th, 2021

Single: “I always will”

listen here:

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Colm Gavin is a Dublin-based singer/songwriter whose first two solo releases (Your Endless Slumber/A Voice For The Urban Darlings) both reached reached number 1 in the Irish iTunes Charts at the time of their release.
His musical stylings echo the revelry of Roots and Appalachian music and the intrinsic
melodic charm of the Great American Songbook. So its clear that Colm looks further
afield than his native Irish roots for inspiration.
But his years of discipline in the bars and clubs of Dublin have helped shape his songwriting
His songs are impacting the US market and are currently playlisted on over 50 radio stations in
the USA and Canada
Now his new EP, The 1992 Tapes, sees Colm’s songwriting and musicianship performed with
simplicity and finesse. His talent in expressing feeling, emotion and life is showcased well in
these perfectly crafted songs.

Check out some recent work by Colm here


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Dunluvly – Hazey 🎤

Release date may 14th, 2021
listen here:


Artwork by Dunluvly

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Dublin-based singer/songwriter/producer Dunluvly is set to release a new single, “Hazey”. The track is a three year project that features layered guitars and contemporary bedroom-pop production. The wavy flanger fingerstyle guitar carries you into a trance-like state, that is complemented by a creative use of guitar delay effects.
This is the first single Dunluvly has released since his EP ‘Plethora’. The EP
caught features on Hot Press Magazine, The AU Review, The Thin Air and the IMRO newsletter in the wake of 2020. Dunluvly says, “I wrote this track about a state of distracted anxiety that I named ‘the haze’ at a young age. Through many years of being a bit of a hippie, I developed a
way to map the things that would lead me into this state of mind. This song is the story of that process”. He goes on to say, “This was probably the most delicate recording process I’ve ever encountered. I caught the sound in the original demo, but failed to recreate it for so long. That’s probably why this track took three years to complete.”
Dunluvly is a multi-instrumentalist and producer born and raised in Dublin,
Ireland. With roots in traditional Irish music and psychedelic indie, his sound is often described as a sonically rich experience.


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LO – Sake Of Our Love🎤

release date 30th april, 2021
listen here:


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LO started his career as a producer in the late 2000’s. Over the last years, he collaborated with artists like Adrian Daniel, Rainy Milo and Novaa leading to releases with prestigious label “Tommy Boy Records”, “Majestic Casual Records” and many more gaining him a well recognised name within the electronic music scene.

LO’s records were support from some of the scenes biggest DJs like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Laidback Luke and Satin Jackets as well as tastemakers like TSYN or dynmk. His debut album Lights (with Yosie) received broad attention within the blogosphere, accumulating over 8 Million streams. With his fresh approach to electronic music and his will to exceed traditional genre limitations, LO is a sought-after producer and songwriter within Berlin’s music scene.


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Viscose – Been There🎙️

Release date April 30th, 2021
Listen here:


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 Been There’ written and produced by Viscose is a fresh house-pop song that’s just in time for summer. Co-produced by Steve James, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Little Mix and Martin Garrix, the song sounds polished, slick and radio-ready. 

As an LGBT artist, Viscose wants to make his mark on pop music and remind listeners where house music originated from. The song is about liberation, acceptance and not being afraid to put your needs before others. Essentially a self-care anthem. This is only the beginning of what Viscose has planned for this year. 

Viscose is an up and coming electronic pop artist. Stemming from the tones of Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Rationale. Viscose’s sound is danceable and full of groove. He is studying songwriting in BIMM and has been producing and writing music since he was 11 years old. Viscose is on a mission to revive POP music in today’s music scene!


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Toby Charlesworth – To Say Goodbye🎤

Release date 26th March, 2021
Listen here:


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Toby is a 23 year old indie folk/pop songwriter from London.

About his new single, Toby says

“This song carries a lot of meaning for me. It asks the question “is there an easy way to say goodbye?” In short, the answer is no, there never really is. I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives has had to say goodbye. That could be saying goodbye to a lover or a friend or even your pet goldfish! What I mean is that no matter what the situation, it still carries personal meaning for each individual. In my case, the lyrics apply to losing a girl I loved, but also more importantly, to the loss of my best friend to suicide. I hope that this song can help anyone who has been in a tough circumstance, and to understand that the struggle is all just part of the healing process. I wrote the lyrics during Lockdown at a particularly low point with the help of one of my best friends. I contacted a couple of my other friends to help with adding a bass guitar, cello and drums into the track, and the song just developed from there. It definitely became a much more impactful song then I had expected, and although it may seem like a “sad song”, really the chorus conveys that sense of hope, “find your path and stay strong”. But that’s the best part about collaborating with musicians, each perspective adds more and more detail to the music. It’s like a piece of art you know, people say a painting is never truly finished, well it’s the same with music, there’s always a new angle or a new layer you can add to create a track, and only when you decide to stop tweaking the details then the final product is produced. The whole experience of creating the single has been great, and after a long time waiting, I’m excited for people to listen. This is my Debut Single, and I hope that people can really relate to it on a greater scale and find some sort of comfort and inspiration behind the lyrics.”


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Davie Furey- Haunted Streets🎤

Listen here:

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Davie Furey’s new album, Haunted Streets, features some of Ireland’s top musicians including, Steve Wickham (The Waterboys), Darren Holden (The High Kings), ELLYD, Susan O’Neill (SON), Clare Sands, Robbie Campion, Martin Quinn, Andrew Quinn and Francie Conway.
Of the 11 new tracks on the album, Secret Light, Flames on the River, Fire n’Gold and The Final Frontier have all reached number one as singles on the Irish Singer/Songwriter and Rock download charts.

These singles have also been on the RTÉ Radio 1 Recommend List as well as being PLAYIRISH Song of the Week on many regional stations including KCLR FM and Ocean FM. Haunted Streets sees Davie Furey at the peak of his storytelling powers, writing from the heart and connecting with music fans around the world. The emotive power of Davie’s lyrics and his stellar cast of musicians shines through each of the tracks on Haunted Streets. From the Springsteen-esque, Trump-damning Flames on the River to the emotional sucker punch of Who Am I and the anthemic Fire n’Gold, they show Davie Furey as an artist who has a poetic gift for storytelling and a skill for melody which puts him at the very top of his game.
Songs from the album were previewed on his 15 date Irish Tour in 2019. Plans for an Ireland, UK, German and US 2020 Tour had to be shelved due COVID 19 restrictions but rescheduling of these dates is currently underway.


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Listen here:


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LO is available for interviews, email

Berlin-Based producer and songwriter LO returns this January with the first track from his brand
new album, showcasing a shift in direction for the enigmatic and versatile artist. Since emerging
onto the scene in the early 2000’s, he’s gone on to build a fanbase worldwide for his unique
approach to electronic music. His sound draws on the influences of his upbringing, leaning on elements of Bass Music, Future Garage and ambient. His blend of styles has led to over 14
Million Streams on Spotify worldwide.
In the last few years, LO has not only showcased his undeniable musical talent but also his
prolific ability to create and his unfathomable work ethic. Since 2015, he’s released on labels
such as Cascade Records, Mixmash, Loveless Records and Majestic Casual. His music has
also led to support from some of the biggest curators in the scene including The Sound You
Need, Eton Messy, The Vibe Guide and DYNMK.
The new single ‘Blu’ signals a new direction for the electronic producer, for the first time
incorporating his own vocals into his productions. It’s a low-tempo journey through warm
analogue synths and electronic percussion, rich in emotion and a vulnerability that’s a new
element of the Berlin producers repertoire.
“Love is a strange thing and break ups are even stranger. BLU talks about this feeling of
someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The
universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “


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Fly The Nest- Old Street Lover🎸

Release date 12th February 2021
Listen here:



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Singer/ songwriter Fly the Nest is set to release a cinematic new single, “Old Street Lover.” The song features a driving beat, wailing guitars, and Fly the Nests’ signature wide, cinematic soundscape. Rhythmic guitars and Fly the Nest’s powerful vocals carry the fierce, energetic song. 

Fly the Nest says, “This song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

The verses of the song tell the story of the day that it all comes to an end. They outline hard conversations that are had and looking back on shared memories. The narrator knows that they have to let it go. The uplifting chorus expresses hope that the other person finds happiness, comfort, and satisfaction with what they decide to do. 

Though you’re parting ways, you still see so much potential in the other person, heard in the lines, “you’ve got it!” And though you’ll miss them, you genuinely still believe in them and their dreams. Maybe you’ll even find your way back to each other one day. 

The song was produced and recorded by Peter Doherty in Tyrone, NI. 

Dublin native Fly the Nest (Stephen Cooper) started playing music at a young age, performing in various bands before starting solo project Fly the Nest, a name inspired by the many adventures music has led him on. As well as writing and releasing his own music, Stephen also writes for sync, and says that writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of his creativity. Stephen now spends his time between Ireland and Denmark, and gigs regularly across Scandinavia. 2021 is proving to be another big year for Stephen, who is known for wide, cinematic songs and precise songwriting.

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