March 2021♀️

What a week it has been for women in the world. Many stories have topped the headlines and gone viral. It is disappointing that in 2021 there is still progress to be made regarding women’s rights and gender equality.

March 8th; International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day was Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,”. According to the United Nations, women who are also at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, as front-line, health sector workers, scientists, doctors, caregivers, get paid 11% less globally than their male counterparts. The UN Secretary-General’s recent report reveals that women are underrepresented in public life and decision-making. Less than 25% of national parliamentarians are women and women are Heads of State or Government in 22 countries.

March 8th; An interview that Oprah Winfrey had with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was broadcasted to the world, and no topics were off limits. Meghan courageously admitted that she had felt suicidal after joining the Royal Family and that she received little support from the Royal Family regarding her mental health. In the interview, Meghan told Oprah that Harry had been asked by a member of the Royal Family “how dark” their son Archie’s skin might be. She also expressed her concerns and her frustration over Archie’s lack of security and title. In one of the few lighthearted moments of the interview, the couple shared that they were expecting a baby girl this summer.

March 9th; Sarah Everard, a 33 year-old lady from London went missing while walking home from a friend’s house. Human remains were found in a wooded area in Kent and an officer was arrested on suspicion of murder. A Labour Party member of Parliament stood in the House of Commons and read out the names of the women killed in the U.K. in the last year in cases where a man has been convicted or charged as the primary suspect — a list that consumed four minutes. Many women took to social media. Many women can relate to fearing for their safety in the everyday world. ‘Walk in well-lit areas, don’t wear headphones, don’t walk alone, don’t wear a dress, don’t make eye contact, hold your keys, don’t be out late, text me later, fake a phone call’…. More than 90% of women and girls in the U.K. have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces, according to data released by UN Women United Kingdom on Wednesday This figure does not surprise me. Violence against women is highly prevalent, and intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence. Violence against women has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 14th; In Australia, tens of thousands of people turned up to marches across Australia protesting against the high numbers of sexual abuse and harassment cases of women in the country. The marches were spurred by a recent wave of allegations of sexual assault, centred around Australia’s parliament.

March 14th; Mothers Day🥰💐

March 2021-Whitney Wolfe Herd becomes known as the youngest self-made woman in history to become a billionaire. Whitney Wolfe Herd joined the development team for the dating app Tinder when she was 22 and was the vice president for marketing. She was behind the name of the app and flame logo. Whitney resigned in 2014 due to growing tensions between executives and filed a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harrassment. Whitney suffered from severe panic attacks following threats and decided to move on. She created one of the largest dating apps in the world, Bumble, and became one of the top female CEOs in tech. Bumble is an app that was designed so only women can send the first message when users match on the platform. Bumble is now valued at $14 billion.

Meghan Markle, 2021
Sarah Everard, March 2021
London, March 2021
Australian Protests, March 2021
Mothers Day, March 2021


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Over a year ago, I visited Bristol with my Mom. My aunt won two flight tickets on the radio and gave them to us. Bristol is somewhere I would never think of going otherwise, so it was hard to know what to expect. We stayed for 3 nights in a lovely hotel close to the centre. One of the days we went to Bath, which was an hour bus journey. It was worth the trip to this pretty town. Highlights in Bath included The Roman Baths and a Fashion museum. There are lots of shops in Bristol and one of the main attractions was Clifton Suspension Bridge. We also did a river cruise.

Millenium Square
Millenium Square

Banksy street art
Jamaica Street (cool street art)
Bristol Shopping

Bristol Shopping

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Weekend in London 🇬🇧

Friends from my M.Sc course and I were lucky enough to go to London before the lockdown. We stayed in London for three nights. We were really excited the weeks leading up to it and would not stop talking about it and planning what we were going to do. A month beforehand, we went for brunch in Java’s Creperie, Galway and made an itinerary. We booked a hostel for a good price and found some good deals on Ryanair too.

Friday 6th March

We arrived at Shannon airport bright and early. After going through security, we did not have long before boarding the plane. I was sitting at a window seat and bought a coffee on the plane. When we arrived, we got Stansted express to the city which we had booked before arriving. Firstly, we headed for our hostel and left our bags in the luggage room. My first impression of Rest Up hostel was that it seemed close to the city and had a good student atmosphere. It was a bright, sunny day which was good. After leaving our bags in the lockers, we walked towards the London Eye. We didn’t have to queue for long as we already had tickets booked. There were stunning views of the city from the top. I had been on it before with my family when I was younger, but it was worth going on again. After the London Eye, we went for food. I had a nice grilled chicken and rice salad. Then, we did a river cruise. We boarded the boat with the London Eye river cruise company. The boat trip was approximately an hour long. I enjoy river cruises in new cities as you learn a lot of history and facts. I recommend doing a river cruise on the first or second day in a new city, so you have an idea of your surroundings. In the afternoon, we headed back to the hostel and checked in. The 5 of us had our own room, which was quite small. We did not mind though as we were only there to sleep. The bathroom was down the hall and not very clean, but we were playing a small price so could not complain.

Saturday, 7th March

We got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Unfortunately, there was no kettle, fridge or sink facilities. There was a café in the hostel however and a breakfast if you wanted to pay. There was a large seating area which we could use so we went to Tesco express across the road and bought some breakfast supplies. I bought porridge oats, peanut butter, bananas and a Costa coffee (good choice Jo). We enjoyed our breakfast, went back to the room for a couple of minutes and were on our way. First, we went to the Tower of London and Historic Royal palaces. We got a guided tour which was very good. The tour took about an hour and the tourguide was dressed as a beefeater. The crown jewels were amazing but we could not take pictures. It was nice to walk around the grounds and learn about the history. In the afternoon we got a light lunch at a nearby café. I had tomato soup. Then, we did the Tower bridge expedition. We didn’t have to queue for long. We were able to walk across the tower and look down at the river and cars underneath. I had never been there before. There were great views of the whole city from the top. Afterwards, we went to a small food market located nearby that was full of foods from all over the world. In the evening, Christina and I had a lovely salad at a Covent Garden cafe. It was a cute, dainty and aesthetically pleasing. The others had eaten earlier so went wandering about. Afterwards, we went to see the spectacular Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. We bought tickets earlier in the day at a ticket booth in Leicester square. The show was 10/10. The location was a huge, stunning, fancy theatre. It was an unforgettable night. Christina and I bought sharing packs of Cadburys chocolate buttons beforehand, snacks are key. The show was definitely a highlight of the weekend. Afterwards we walked to Piccadilly Circus. It would almost remind you of Times Square, lots of bright lights, advertisements and stores. At around 11pm we went back to the hostel.

Sunday, 8th March.

In the morning, we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards which was due to start at 11am. We were a little early so walked to St James’ Park, saw 10 Downing street and Parliament Square beforehand. The changing of the guards was worth seeing and it was a lovely sunny day. The marching band was fantastic and well-rehearsed. After that, we walked through Green Park and Buckingham Palace Garden to EL&N Café where we had yummy croissants and coffee. When we left the café, it had started to rain so we decided to get the bus to One New Change Shopping Centre. This is located near St. Pauls Cathedral and there are good views from the top of the shopping centre. We got snacks and lunch in M&S and sat down for a while. In the evening, we had dinner in an Indian restaurant called Saravanaa Bhavan, located near Trafalgar Square. We all ordered a dish called Dosa, which was served with coconut chutney, mint and sambar. It was the first time I had this Indian dish and it was very spicy, but tasty. We walked along the River Thames at night and the views of the city lit up at night were amazing.

Monday, 9th March

After our breakfast we got the bus to Camden Market. This was around 20 minutes away from the hostel and was worth going to. It was a marked packed of wonderful food stalls, jewellery and homeware items. Everywhere was so colourful and the town was very busy. We had lunch here in the afternoon, I got a falafel wrap. We went to Covent Garden on the same day. I preferred the ambience of Covent Garden although it was also mainly food stalls and people selling jewellery and bits and bobs. Covent Garden is a lovely part of London city that I would recommend seeing. At around 4pm we began to make our way to the airport. We had our bags with us so did not have to go back to the hostel. Several undergrounds and trains later, we got the Bus Eireann bus departing Shannon airport at 10pm to Galway.

It was a great weekend with great people 💞

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