The only people who get upset when you set boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none

If someone treats you like an option, leave them like a ✨choice✨

Today I choose to surround myself with people who

  • respect and value me
  • love everything that I am
  • I can be myself with and express myself freely
  • celebrate my successes
  • want me to be happy
  • add value to my life
  • are my equals
  • have earned and deserve my time energy love and attention
  • make me smile 🙂

Today I choose to not surround myself with people who

  • judge, criticise, disrespect me
  • unnecessarily compare me to others
  • want me to be someone or something that I am not
  • are jealous of me
  • do not want me to be happy
  • insult my intelligence
  • consistently lie to me
  • treat me like 💩

Be with someone who makes you happy


I see right through you

Not everyone who is single, is lonely; not everyone who is taken is happy

A Two Way Street

🌼What you allow is what will continue🌼